DateDivision Memo No.Title
January 3, 2019Memo No. 1One (1) Day Gender and Development Orientation and Finalization of GAD Plan & Budget and GAD Work...
Memo No. 2JDVP-TVL Program Implementation Review
Memo No. 3Search for Most Outstanding Supreme Student Government and Supreme Pupil Government SY 2018-2019
Memo No. 43rd Quarter Assessment Schedule
Memo No. 5Regional Cross-Specialization Training of Grade 7-10 Science Teachers on their Non-Major Science Subjects
Memo No. 6Releasing of Attested Appointments
January 14, 2019Memo No. 72018 Year-End Program Implementation Review and Strategic Planning for 2019 Indigenous Peoples Education Program
Memo No. 8Request for Submission of Data of Visually Impaired and Low Vision Learners and Teachers SY 2018-2019
Memo No. 9Corrigendum to Division Memo No. 2, series of 2019 or the JDVP-TVL Program Implementation Review
Memo No. 10Division Program Implementation Review (PIR) on School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP)
Memo No. 11Division Training-Orientation of Student Teachers
Memo No. 12Deployment of Student Teachers to Public Schools in La Union
Memo No. 13Regional Mass Training of Teachers and Career Advocates on Career Guidance Strategies
Memo No. 14Prohibition on Electioneering and Partisan Political Activity
Memo No. 15Educational Stage Play for Elementary and Secondary Learners
Memo No. 16One (1) Day GAD Orientation and Finalization of GAD Plan, Budget and Work and Financial Plan Conference Workshop
Memo No. 17Division Field Staff Conference
Memo No. 18Division Program Implementation Review (PIR) on SBFP
January 17, 2019Memo No. 19Profiling for DepEd RO1 Human Resource Development Program
January 18, 2019Memo No. 20Submission of Nielsen Survey - Annex B Form
Memo No. 21Corrigendum to Division Memo No. 17, series of 2019 re: Division Field Staff Conference
Memo No. 22Provision of Safety Vault for Schools who are Directly Downloading MOOE from SDO
Memo No. 23
Memo No. 24
Memo No. 25Orientation and Administration of Southeast Asia Primary Learning Metrics (SEA-PLM)
Memo No. 26Orientation in the Administration of Basic Education Exit Assessment (BEEA/NAT)
Memo No. 27Orientation and Administration of Southeast Asia Primary Learning Metrics (SEA-PLM)
Memo No. 28Re-Submission of Online Accomplishment of WINS Report
Memo No. 29Neglect on the Submission of Report Required by the Division ICT Unit
Memo No. 30First Wash In School (WINS) Division Learning Exchange
Memo No. 31Election of Officers for SSPGO
Memo No. 32
Memo No. 33
Memo No. 34
Memo No. 35
Memo No. 362019 Region 1 Athletic Association Meet - Phase 2 Training
Memo No. 37
Memo No. 38Online Survey for Grade 6 Science Teachers